Rabu, 27 Mei 2015

A New Blondie Lockes Barbie Girl Rosa

WOW! I'm on a serious roll!

I took Jacob to Target to spend the $40 gift card some awesome friends got for us. And when I go to stores I cruise through the doll aisle. Anyone else guilty of this even if you've been to the store just two days prior? ;)

Well, Target has an exclusive Blondie Lockes. But you may remember me saying that I do not care much for Blondie's character or dolls. They seem a little lackluster to me. 

First, the original release

Then her Thronecoming doll

Then they came out with the "Through the Woods" line. Again, not impressed.

Then, Target came out with this Blondie.

Um, OKAY! Now THIS is a Blondie to die for! She is from the "Just Sweet" line and is a Target exclusive. And I would have purchased her but the $25 price point is a little more than I wanted to spend. I'll probably catch her on Amazon further down the line. (Even though she's a Target exclusive, everything eventually shows up on Amazon right?)

Let's check out this beauty in more detail!

Purse? Functional cupcake. Cuteness!

Hair is pink, aqua, and blonde with a headpiece containing a bow and a cupcake.

She wears a gauntlet on one arm that looks like piped frosting.

Now what I love (besides the hair and the purse) is the dress. It's made to look like a cupcake wrapper. Her bodice is printed with all sorts of goodies and has a frosting belt with rosettes.

And we can't forget about THE SHOES! Cupcake heels with sprinkles on the toes and frosting around the edge with a pretty white bow. And how about those sparkle tights!

From what I've read, the Just Sweet line is going to be coming out along with Ginger Breadhouse's bakery playset. I may have to get this line!

I also had to take a quick glance at pretty Ashlynn. She got invited to the Blue Moon Forest Fest! You can watch the latest webisode to see who she invites with her (hint: it's not Hunter!)

I do like her Through the Woods character. It's so sweet and pretty.

And of course, because Ashlynn is all about the shoes, she picks the Glass Hiking Boot. I would not think these would be functional but she seems to think so. She's the expert! :)

So friends, what do you think of Just Sweet Blondie Lockes? Do you love her as much as I do? Planning on getting her? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time! 

UPDATE: I just checked Target.com and Just Sweet Blondie is available for only $20 USD! I'm out of money so I'll have to get her later but if you want her, get her now!

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